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Macarons framboise CBD
Cheesecake myrtilles
Pop your corn
Pavlova vanille framboise
Tartelette chocolat caramel
Fraga Viola


Welcome to my website !

I am Tiphaine, food photographer and recipe designer. Passionate about pastry and culinary photography, I wish, through my desserts and my photos, to convey this overflowing passion, to invite gluttony, conviviality and sharing.


Creative and perfectionist in my work, I give myself 100% in all my achievements.

I support brands in all their steps : from creation and production of the recipe to the design of visuals and photographs.


Let's create moments of pure indulgence togethers !

Need you differentiate with some gourmet and impactful visuals ?

Contact me so that we can study your request together!

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