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Pavlova vanilla red fruits

It's been a while since I've made pavlova and yet it's so simple and, above all, super good! It’s also a good way to liquidize your egg whites! Well and you know me now, I couldn't settle for a "simple" pavlova, at least in appearance. So I played the originality card by piping my meringue directly onto a silicone half-sphere mold. Admit that this is impressive, right? :p

For its composition, I stayed very basic; at the same time, that’s how we like pavlova, right? There is therefore a French meringue, a vanilla mascarpone whipped cream and a delicious and fruity heart of red fruit confit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries with a hint of lime). We obtain a super fresh and light dessert, perfect for this time of year!

The advantage of this recipe is that you can vary it with other flavors. You can replace the red fruit confit with strawberry confit, raspberry confit or why not an exotic confit (mango passion fruit for example). The whipped cream can be flavored with lime, basil, tonka bean... Treat yourself!

The backplanning is detailed in the recipe sequence. I prefer to make my meringues the night before for the next day, that way I can leave them in the turned off oven all night and they don't move! Just remember to mold them well so that they keep their crunch and do not soften. That's a bit of the disadvantage of pavlovas, is that they don't keep. It’s a dessert that must be eaten on the big day.

And here is the video of the assembly...

Ingredients for 5 pavlova:

French meringue (to make the day before):

  • 2 egg whites (around 70g)

  • 60g caster sugar

  • 60g of icing sugar

  • 20g white chocolate

  • 20g cocoa butter

1- In the bowl of your mixer, beat the egg whites until stiff. Then add the caster sugar while continuing to whisk.

2- Once you have obtained a smooth, shiny and firm meringue, add the previously sifted icing sugar and mix gently.

3- Transfer your meringue into a bag fitted with a 10 mm plain nozzle.

4- Pipe your meringue onto a half-sphere silicone mold on the outside, 6 cm in diameter, previously greased (I use a spray), making small domes.

5- Then bake in an oven previously heated to 85°C for 2 hours. Then leave them overnight in the turned off oven.

6- The next day, carefully peel them off and coat the inside with white chocolate and cocoa butter so that they don't get soggy with the filling. Reserve for a few minutes in the refrigerator.

Red fruit confit (to make the day before):

  • 130g raspberries

  • 130g blueberries

  • 240g strawberries

  • 6g of NH pectin

  • 40g of sugar

  • 1 half lime

1- In a saucepan, compote the previously washed raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

2- Add the sugar mixed with the pectin in a thin stream while mixing, as well as the juice of half a lime. Bring everything to a boil for 2-3 minutes. Mix using a hand blender.

3- Then pour the confit into half-sphere molds 5 cm in diameter and freeze for several hours or even overnight.

4- The next day, prepare your confit spheres by welding two half-spheres together. Reserve in the freezer.

The vanilla mascarpone whipped cream (to make the day before):

  • 450g of whole liquid cream

  • 16.5g of gelatin mass (i.e. 2.4g of powdered gelatin and 14.4g of water)

  • 16.5g of sugar

  • 45g mascarpone

  • 1 vanilla pod

1- Heat 150g of whole liquid cream with the vanilla seeds and pod and the sugar.

2- Remove from the heat, add the gelatin mass. Mix and transfer everything into a container.

3- Add the 300g of cold liquid cream and the mascarpone. Mix quickly with a hand blender. Cover with film and refrigerate until the next day.

Assembly and finishing touches (on the big day):

  • Strawberry QS

  • QS of vanilla powder

  • QS of gold leaves

1- Whip the very cold mascarpone whipped cream with a mixer. It should not be too firm. Transfer it to a bag fitted with a 10mm smooth nozzle.

2- Pipe a small amount of whipped cream into each meringue shell and bring it up to the edges.

3- Place a sphere of red fruit confit.

4- Pipe the remaining mascarpone whipped cream by making small domes.

5- Sprinkle with vanilla powder, decorate the top with a slice of strawberry and a touch of gold leaf.

6- Let defrost for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator before eating.


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