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Fraisier 2023

I had to share with you my latest creation around the fraisier. I really wanted to change from the traditional mousseline cream or even the simple whipped ganache. I started with a brand new cream that I called "la crème toquée".

My fraisier 2023 consists of a soft almond biscuit with a touch of olive oil, strawberry compote flavored with java pepper, fresh strawberries, my famous "crème toquée" and a light vanilla whipped cream.

For the decoration, I chose a piping very fashionable on social networks, a piping with a petal tip (125 Wilton). I trained for a long time to achieve a satisfactory result, but I still have a lot to learn :)

So you're going to tell me: but what is this "crème toquée" and well it's quite simply a mixture of vanilla pastry cream stuck to gelatin and a light whipped ganache vanilla. It is an "improved" version of the diplomat cream.

I made several versions of cream before finding the perfect balance and texture! I can tell you that it is simply amazing!

If you're tempted by this version of this fraisier, don't hesitate to tell me about your trials! If not, you will find other fraisier recipes on my blog like the classic version with the famous vanilla mousseline cream, just here.

Ingredients for a fraisier for 8-10 people (circle 22cm in diameter and 6cm high):

Pastry cream (to make the day before):

  • 520g whole milk

  • 1 vanilla pod

  • 85g egg yolks

  • 45g cornstarch

  • 45g butter

  • 75g caster sugar

  • 10.4g gelatin powder

  • 62.4g of water

1- Let the gelatin swell in water

2- In a saucepan, heat the milk and the split and scraped vanilla pod. Bring everything to a boil, turn off the heat, cover with film and leave to infuse for 20 minutes.

3- In a bowl, whisk the yolks with the sugar and add the cornstarch. Whisk again.

4- Bring the milk to a boil again and pour it little by little over the egg yolks-sugar-starch mixture while whisking continuously. Pour everything back into the saucepan and cook, stirring constantly, until boiling.

5- Continue to cook for 1 minute (the cream must have thickened well), add the gelatin mass and the diced butter and remove to a large dish, cover with cling film, let cool before placing everything in the fridge overnight.

The whipped vanilla ganache (to be made the day before):

  • 62g full cream

  • 6g of honey

  • 62g white chocolate

  • 1 vanilla pod

  • 160g full cream

1- Infuse the vanilla in the liquid cream (62g) with the honey.

2- Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie.

3- Pour the hot cream over the melted chocolate while stirring. Then add the cold liquid cream.

4- Mix, film in contact and reserve in the refrigerator all night.

Strawberry confit with java pepper (to make the day before):

  • 480g of strawberries

  • 60g of sugar

  • 6g of pectin NH

  • a few drops of lemon juice

  • 1 ear of java pepper

1- Mix the sugar and pectin.

2- Wash, hull and cut the strawberries into pieces. Let them stew with the grated pepper.

3- Add the sugar and pectin while mixing. Bring to a boil and stir continuously until the compote has a syrupy texture.

4- Mix, let cool before filming in contact and reserve in the refrigerator.

Mascarpone vanilla whipped cream (to be made the day before):

  • 300g full cream

  • 12g of sugar

  • 18g of gelatin mass (i.e. 2.6g of gelatin powder and 15g of water)

  • 1 vanilla pod

  • 35g mascarpone

1- Infuse the vanilla with 75g of liquid cream for about ten minutes.

2- Add the sugar and heat through.

3- Remove from the heat, add the gelatin mass, the remaining cold liquid cream and the mascarpone.

4- Mix, film and refrigerate overnight.

The almond and olive oil biscuit (D-day):

Recipe from The French Pâtissier

  • 10g of butter

  • 10g olive oil

  • 120g ground almonds

  • 90g icing sugar

  • 150g of eggs

  • 90g of egg whites

  • 30g of sugar

  • 30g of T55 flour

1- Whisk together the ground almonds, icing sugar and eggs.

2- Whisk the egg whites by adding the powdered sugar in 3 times. Gently mix the two masses.

3- Add the sifted flour then the warm melted butter and the olive oil.

4- Pour the dough into a circle 20 cm in diameter.

5- Bake for about twenty minutes at 160°C until slightly browned. Let cool on a rack.

"La crème toquée" and montage (D-day) :

  • full amount of pastry cream

  • all the amount of whipped vanilla ganache

  • 500g strawberries

  • all the vanilla mascarpone whipped cream

1- Whisk the whipped ganache very stiff. Also whip the vanilla pastry cream.

2- Mix everything gently with a rubber spatula. Pour into a piping bag.

3- Place your circle 22 cm in diameter previously lined with rhodoïd (6cm high) on a serving platter or cardboard support.

2- Wash, dry and halve strawberries of the same size and place them cut side against the wall of the circle, tightly packed together.

3- Place the almond biscuit in the bottom tightly against the strawberries (cut it back if necessary).

4- Pipe "crème toquée" on all the strawberries and smooth the sides up to the height.

5- Arrange 3/4 of the confit on the biscuit and strawberries cut into pieces all over the center before piping in the crème toquée to the top. Smooth again. Place the fraisier for at least two hours in the refrigerator.

6- Whip the soft whipped cream and transfer it to a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 125 petal tip. Pipe gently. Garnish the center with the remaining strawberry confit and fresh strawberries. Keep refrigerated until tasting.


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